You Are Our Top Priority

Your physician has scheduled you for outpatient surgery at the Hughston Surgical Center. The information below is designed to acquaint you with the Hughston Surgical Center and to help prepare you for surgery.

At Hughston Surgical Center your comfort and safety are always our top priorities. As specialists, we provide compassionate, effective, innovative patient care that you won’t find anywhere else. We promise to make your stay as informative and comfortable as possible, because we consider it a privilege to serve you.

Patient’s Rights

Before your surgery, you will be given a copy of your Patient Rights and Responsibilities; Advance Directive information, Notice of Privacy Practices, and notification that the Hughston Surgical Center is physician owned.

Fees, Insurance, and Billing

The Hughston Surgical Center business office will contact you to discuss any financial arrangements before your surgery. We should be able to estimate the cost of your surgery. Day of service charges are estimated based on the surgery scheduled, but the final charges are based on the actual procedures and any implants used during surgery. Our fee is for the facility which includes the operating room, recovery room and certain anesthesia and surgical supplies. The surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist and radiologist (if applicable) will bill you separately for their services. Patients with insurance are asked to pay their copayment, coinsurance, and any deductible as a deposit on the day of the surgery. Your insurance will be billed as a courtesy; however, the balance remains the patient’s responsibility. Uninsured patients will be required to pay on or before the day of surgery. If you have questions regarding fees or insurance, please feel free to call us. Hughston Surgical Center accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal checks, cashier’s checks, and cash.