Return to work, a process that works

Based on the diagnosis, your employee can be treated surgically or nonsurgically by one of Hughston’s specialty-trained orthopedic surgeons. Our orthopedists establish an ongoing healthcare plan that will continue until maximum medical improvement is reached. The healthcare plan can range from weeks to months depending on the severity of the injury.

We can provide rehabilitation for injuries as well as work conditioning and FCEs for return to work. Additionally, our highly-skilled therapists can perform ergonomic assessments on-site if needed. Contact us to learn how your employees can benefit from our care.

When a worker sustains an orthopedic injury

Your employee can be treated with a brace, splint, anti-inflammatory medication, and rehabilitation with Hughston’s physical or occupational therapists. Often, when treated nonsurgically, the employee can continue to work, but on light or modified duty. If surgery is determined to be appropriate, the employee will go through a rehabilitation program with returning to work as the ultimate goal.

We can help your injured employee

Injuries on the job can be devastating to both employees and employers. Your employee is in pain and you have lost an essential worker. No one wins in this scenario. The Hughston Clinic can help treat and rehabilitate your employee so he or she can return to work and a normal lifestyle.

The Hughston Clinic can help you from start to finish, manage everything from appointment scheduling through reimbursement. Our workers’ compensation specialists are dedicated to helping your employees and your business.