Ten first year medical students began their summer research program at Hughston on June 12. Each student is matched with a Hughston physician for the 6-week clinical and research program. J. Kenneth Burkus, MD, of the Hughston Foundation Research Committee, organized the Hughston program that matches medical students with Hughston researchers and will guide the students while completing the research and publication submissions. The students attend morning report with physicians and JHMH Residents and then begin their clinical assignments or work on their research project. During the research program, the students will have an opportunity to do clinical rotations and work on a research project with an orthopaedic surgeon. The goals of the program are to assist the students with completing a research project, complete a poster for presentation at Mercer Medical School in October, submit a manuscript to a peer- review journal, and to submit a patient-education manuscript to the Hughston Health Alert for publication.

Last edited on July 20, 2023